Escape from the real world?

January is just around the corner.
I have to admit not really my favourite time of the year.
Christmas has come and gone. The days, although longer get colder for some reason, and 31 days in January just seems so long.

January I know should be a happy time. Both my daughters were born in January. However, one came two months early and should have come in March. For this reason, January to me became a time of desolation. Firstly because I spent so much time in hospital with my pregnancy sand the secondly because it also the month my father passed, I don’t want to dwell on that however in this blog.

So this brings me to my title comment. escaping reality My husband wants to go on vacation in January. I know what you are thinking…and the problem is? Well the problem is, while I love travelling and warm tropical weather, the question is am I just escaping reality? The reality that I hate January and it’s cold.

It almost seems fake to check out and pretend January is not here. If I had my way I would hide until February 1st. February I don’t mind because there are only 28 days and a holiday called valentines, so not a bad month. But back to my dilemma; should I escape reality and go to the sun and the sand with my husband?

Well according to him the answer will be yes. So with a click of the mouse and some research the deed is done. Stand by for the destination and review. So I will be escaping reality for 7 days. Hey that means this year January will only be 24 days LONG. Ha not bad, shorter than February. There is hope for me yet.

So as we say goodbye to 2013, and welcome the hopes and dreams of 2014. I wish you all an escape every once and awhile from reality. Happy New year.



Believing in Ourselves

Learning to love ourselves for who we really are, is probably the hardest thing we will ever do. Everyday we at bombarded with images of what real beauty is; in the eyes of retailers. These images try as they may, to shape who we are, or who we want to become.

Sometimes there is a feeling of pain, to look at ourselves in the the mirror, admiring the beauty that stands before us. My hair is a mess, my face is not perfect, I’m too fat. I can guarantee there is not one of us who has not made one or more of those comments.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up. We somehow believe that if we do it to ourselves then it will protect us more from those who may do it to us. STOP! We are doing more harm to ourselves then others can do to us.

We forget to believe in ourselves. We forget to be kind to ourselves. We forget that we are perfect because we are creatures of God, designed in his image. Each image unique, each like a canvas. We are a portrait of beauty. We spend our time believing in others. For example we believe in Santa Claus, in God in other people. But we forget to believe in OURSELVES and all the beauty we have inside. We are the only ones who know who we are. We are the only ones that can bring ourselves happiness, we are the only ones that control our happiness.

In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to remind you how beautiful you are. ALL of you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, don’t let anyone take away your belief in yourself.

Go to that mirror now, look in it and say these words out loud “I am Beautiful”. Yell it, scream it, say it.

To all my beautiful people Merry Christmas, and all the happiness and beauty in the world for a bright 2014.