Queen Elsa was lost…then she was found

Spotted in OrangevilleSo a couple of weeks ago while driving I had one of those light bulb moments.

Now that I have created Queen Elsa for my business, what should I do with her. At that moment,  the details for my latest adventure popped into my head. Why not create and event that would tie together the community, but also promote what I was doing.

Born in 30 seconds…Help Find Elsa Scavenger Hunt.

The concept was simple. Elsa was lost, (maybe because she ran away or maybe because she wanted to hide to see if anyone would miss her) and children would have to find clues to find her. Starting in two locations, the registered children would spend the next 3.5 hours searching for her. Along the way they would meet characters, play games, get free things and just have fun.

Was it a success?

Judging by the big smiles from both parents and children; I  would say. Not to mention the mom and her kids on bikes who did at least 20km that day looking for clues and not giving up.

Not only was it  a success for the participants, but for the businesses. I made people visit places they may not have event set foot into. It made participants go into stores and spend time getting to know the owners, learning about their businesses and their products and services. It also proved that Orangeville is a caring community. Thinking outside the box, and working together to create something that was so entertaining and fun; did I mention FREE?

Sometimes I hear people say negative things about businesses, but this just proved that businesses do care about their communities. For 30 minutes they were willing to open their doors to 42 kids with parents in toe,  play games, give out prizes and just have fun.

When all was said and done, the kids did find Elsa, and when they did they broke out into song.

The moral of this story. When we all work together we can achieve so much. We can make a difference even just for a few hours. I can’t begin to explain that during those 3.5 hours as I supervised the event, I forgot about life’s problems, I didn’t event complain when I got the blister on my foot from the new shoes, I didn’t even stress about the loads of unfinished work. I just enjoyed the moment, watched the smiles, and was so thankful for an amazing Business community.

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