Welcome to The Perfectly Pampered Princess Spa Video

Ten years ago, RaDeana Montgomery was faced with a dilemma; a house full of 10-year old girls who were looking for something fun to do during her daughter’s birthday party. Within minutes the Perfectly Pampered Prince & Princess was born, a concept that turned her living room into a mini-spa complete with footbath, nail, hair and makeup stations. Two hours later, the kids had transformed into beautiful, relaxed princesses, and an unique party service emerged.

Since then the party vision has grown to include party packages for boys with the edition of the Prince line. Boys can choose from character visits, to Pirate parties, to Dign’ for Dinosaurs. In 2014, to celebrate our 10th anniversary we are launching our newest package for girls and boys called “Movie Maker”

With a location in Orangeville and a Mobile party service that covers Brampton, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Newmarket, Fergus, Guelph, Caledon, Barrie, Bolton and the Orangeville Area. RaDeana and her staff ensure that every party is one that BUILDS self-esteem, ENHANCE Friendships and CREATES Memories to last a lifetime.

Guests can choose from a myriad of party packages, while parents can enjoy the ease of party planning. Everyone can sit back relax and get pampered, make a craft and just enjoy the experience. Watch as the birthday girl or boy and their friends are transformed into Pop or Rock Stars, Pirates or Princesses, right before their very eyes.

Celebrating 10 years of pampering, fun and memories

January marked the 10th anniversary of the founding of The Perfectly Pampered Princess. It all started with an idea and a dream, and today we have put smiles on thousands of kids faces. Find out what we are all about, we have a new location in Orangeville, just waiting to work the magic. To learn more about our packages visit our website at http://www.theperfectlypamperedprincess.com

Believing in Ourselves

Learning to love ourselves for who we really are, is probably the hardest thing we will ever do. Everyday we at bombarded with images of what real beauty is; in the eyes of retailers. These images try as they may, to shape who we are, or who we want to become.

Sometimes there is a feeling of pain, to look at ourselves in the the mirror, admiring the beauty that stands before us. My hair is a mess, my face is not perfect, I’m too fat. I can guarantee there is not one of us who has not made one or more of those comments.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up. We somehow believe that if we do it to ourselves then it will protect us more from those who may do it to us. STOP! We are doing more harm to ourselves then others can do to us.

We forget to believe in ourselves. We forget to be kind to ourselves. We forget that we are perfect because we are creatures of God, designed in his image. Each image unique, each like a canvas. We are a portrait of beauty. We spend our time believing in others. For example we believe in Santa Claus, in God in other people. But we forget to believe in OURSELVES and all the beauty we have inside. We are the only ones who know who we are. We are the only ones that can bring ourselves happiness, we are the only ones that control our happiness.

In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to remind you how beautiful you are. ALL of you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, don’t let anyone take away your belief in yourself.

Go to that mirror now, look in it and say these words out loud “I am Beautiful”. Yell it, scream it, say it.

To all my beautiful people Merry Christmas, and all the happiness and beauty in the world for a bright 2014.



The Dove Self-Esteem Video

When you look at advertisement, what do you really see? Are people really who they appear to be? Watch this video and be the judge of what advertisers want you to believe. Remember we are all unique, and sometimes what we consider beauty is an illusion. Be confident, love who you are, and just be YOU. Join us at one of our free Dove Self-Esteem workshops. Like us on Facebook to find out when the next one is. Keep smiling…You are beautiful.

Did someone say Location????

Well the rumours are true, but it has not be officially released. Yes we are opening a new location in Orangeville. And we are pretty excited about it. This location will give us the opportunity to expand our services. We are hoping to implement programs throughout the day, and offer A La Carte menu options. The purpose is to provide you with a one stop shop location where you show up, your food is there, your party is there and you don’t have to do anything. Say that out loud with me—I can plan a party and I don’t have to do anything…doesn’t that sound good.

We will offer the same packages as listed on the website, and we may even add a few new ones this fall.

Speaking of Fall we will be starting our Diva Girls program in September. This 6 week program, once a week, is an opportunity for girls to learn about self-esteem and proper care. Each week will be a different topic. The program will be listed soon and is $75 for all 6 weeks or $15 per week as we accept drop in rates.

So as you can see there is great news and exciting things happening. Stay tuned for the official launch with photos of the new space.

Thanks for your business. January 2014, will make us 10 years young, guess what we have planned.

Until next time. Know that you are beautiful.


Be the change that you wish to see in the world!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Everyday, we wake up, we crawl out of bed, we go to work and then we repeat it again the next day.
But do we make a change? Do we make a difference?

Mahatma Gandhi always knew what to say, and this has always been my inspiration in everything I do in life. We all have choices, and we can all choice to make a difference. Some of us rise to the occasion, by paying it forward in the Tim Hortons drive thru, or others go bigger and stand up for a cause, by volunteering their time or finding a cure for a disease.

Every little action or kind word signifies a change.

Self-esteem is one of those negative/positive words. I have low self-esteem (negative) I have high self-esteem (positive). Each one of us has a story that would follow that word.

If I said to you tell me about your self-esteem what would you say?

For me I can honestly say that I have better self-esteem. If you had asked me that question 10 years ago and I would have had to say NONE.

I know that I surprise people when I say I had no self-esteem. I tend to carry myself in a positive manner, I take care of myself the best I can and smile usually all the time. However, I was a victim of bullying and this caused me to not like myself. I always wished I was someone else. Always wished I was prettier, smarter and just not me. I use to get so angry and say why am I ME.

And I say was a victim because I am no longer a victim I am a survivor.

Okay where is this going? This all relates to my business. You see when I started The Perfectly Pampered Prince and Princess, I never planned it. I didn’t have a direction, I didn’t do my research and I didn’t go to the bank for money, it just happened.

And to me that means or says it was meant to happen, that I could be the change in the world because I understood what is like to have low self-esteem.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that every kid who has a party has a self-esteem issue, in fact there are so many who have great self-esteem. What I am saying is that at some point in my career I have met some kids who could use a little boost.

It is a known fact that as women, when we lose weight, get dressed up for an event, get our hair done or wear makeup, we feel different about ourselves. This is the same for a spa party. All of my clients are beautiful canvas’, we just do something to them that for that moment makes them feel different about themselves. It could be as simple as a sticky glitter on their cheek or a new up do with curls. What makes it a magical moment is that we are giving them attention.

Everyone is special, and everyone is complimented on how they look.

I remember a party in the beginning of my career where a beautiful girl was the guest. However she didn’t recognize her own beauty or maybe she was never told. After the party was finished she kept looking at herself in the mirror. One of her friends came over and said Susie (name not true) you look so beautiful. I did not expect what happened next. Susie started crying. My first thought was wow what do I do. But I watched and those were tears of joy because it was evident she had not heard those words. Now granted makeup and hair should never define you as beautiful, but for Susie it had. The other girls were laughing and giggling, and Susie she was crying, but for all I know it may have been the only time in her life she had heard those words, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

And it was in that moment that my talents and that of my staff, did something to change someone. We gave Susie, two hours of happiness, and maybe it was something she could hold onto for the rest of her life.

The thing is we will never know, but it sure felt good.

If you have read this far thank you for staying with me. I just want to leave you with this thought. In life we never know what the story is. Each person is a book, and there are many pages and chapters to one’s life. If you are a child reading this, please think about your words and the impact they can have on someone’s life, good or bad they help to create the chapters in the book.

When you look at me look at my eyes. Some will say they are beautiful, some will say they are intense, but as a child some told me I looked like a frog!

Those scars took many years to heal, and I truly believe that my business happened out of fate, and is part of my journey. It taught me about other people and their struggles and it unleashed my passion for hair and makeup.

Always remember you play an important role in our world, and there is a reason you are who you are. Enjoy this video. And pay it forward.

If you have any comments please email me at info@theperfectlypamperedprincess.com